Thursday, November 13, 2014

What is wrong with this picture?

What is wrong with this picture?  The 6:50 is PM not AM and it is only 48 degrees outside (the bottom number - the middle number is indoors) I thought this was Texas not Kansas!  A cold front is moving through here too, as it seems to be in most places, so I won't complain because it is still warmer than back home.  

I will say it took me by surprise to have such a cold snap. It was too cold for the pool so we decided to hit an indoor/outdoor flea market called Don-Wes.  We dressed in layers so we could handle the cold.  At the time, it was about 61 degrees.  I had on jeans and shoes and socks, no sandals for me in 61 degrees, a thermal shirt, a pullover fleece with scarf, and a fleece lined hooded jacket with gloves.  Oh, and those ear things!  I did say it was 61?  I felt dressed for a day in the snow!  How acclimated to the warmth we have already become.  But, in my defense, the sun wasn't out and the wind was blowing so it wasn't a balmy 61.  

By the time we got there, it was raining!  Most of the outdoor booths were closed so we stayed in, but  we never removed a single layer.  The sellers were freezing too.  They are opened on Wednesdays/Saturdays/Sundays.  They said they were hoping for sunny weather this weekend because no one comes out when it it is cold and wet.  (Just newbies, I guess.)   After finishing one building, we decided to give it up. 

We drove around some and ate in old downtown Pharr at a restaurant that has been there forever.  I didn't have my camera so I couldn't take any pix, sorry.  They served Mexican and American food so we decided to try it.  Clark ordered a t-bone steak with baked potato and salad for only $9.99! I ordered a burrito, ground beef of course - this comes as no surprise to those of you who know me.  They came out to say they were out of t-bones but they had ribeye, would that be ok?  Clark said yes.  The funny thing is they never asked him, either time, how he wanted it cooked!  Guess one way for all.  They brought our food out and I got such a kick out of the fact that they served his meal with Mexican rice which the menu didn't state, along with a serving of corn!  Boy, did he get his carb fix for the day :)  They served the steak with grilled green peppers and onions, which, again, was not on the menu but was a pleasant surprise for Clark.  He said it was all delicious!

I just could not shake the cold, even after we got home, so I decided what I needed was to warm my core with some hot chocolate!  We used the dried marshmallows (not the charms) from Jamesport, and they melted down and sweetened that cocoa up enough to put a rookie into a sugar coma - yum-my!  (Sheryl, it was definitely better than that gourmet cocoa Victoria had with the two rock-hard marshmallows!)  I didn't even want to get out for cards.  It just seemed a good night to stay in by the "fire".
The magazine on my lap is all about Christmas cookies!

Lulu was not pleased that I was in her spot in front of the fireplace and boy was she letting me know it.

So, as with any child, distraction is key!

Even Clark was cold!!!!  He is still wearing his fleece coat!

Tomorrow isn't going to be much warmer so I think I will get my laundry caught up - hope everyone in the park isn't thinking the same thing!