Thursday, November 20, 2014

Trip to Padre

A little slow getting this post out.  We have been having issues with the internet.

Sunday was supposed to be warm.  Since the cold front had come through, I had not been able to get in the pool so I was looking forward to a warm day.  We decided to go to Padre Island.  It took us about an hour and a half to get there.

We stopped at the visitor's center to get some information.  There was this really cool sand castle out front.

 The turtle is in the middle of the sand creation and the pelican picture below is on the top right side.  The dungeon door in the picture we are in above is also in the photo below the sand pelican.  You can see the whole dragon's side profile of his head there as opposed to just the eye in our photo.

We found a public beach.  I could not wait to put my toes in!  A big wave came and it wasn't just my toes for long!

The water was pretty cold so we didn't swim.  Clark wouldn't even put his toes in the water! We sat in our lawn chairs on the beach and watched the waves come in.  Clark spotted dolphins jumping up and out of the water on one of the larger waves a little farther out.  Once he directed me where to look, I only saw them jump out once.  We didn't see anymore after that.

Next, we went to a nature center.

We saw our first alligator in the wild.  Look closely on that board! Actually there were about 4 babies in that area.

We also saw this bad mamajama!

On our way out Clark found another winter Texan.

We enjoyed ourselves at the nature center.

We don't have this selfie thing down yet!

We plan to go back to Padre again sometime to see more. We spent more time in the nature center than we had expected and we wanted to get home before dark.  We definitely want to go when we can really enjoy the beach!