Friday, May 22, 2015

Raining in Lubbock!

It must be us.  I sometimes feel like that character in Peanuts with the cloud of dust that follows him only ours is a rain cloud!

They don't usually get a lot of rain in Lubbock and their roads aren't designed to deal with a deluge.  There is nowhere for it to go so it just stays on the streets for awhile.

Cars were driving through water up to their hoods.  We would see vehicles stalled out on the sides of the road.  Clark was at a Chinese restaurant when it started.  It came down so hard and so fast and the water rose very quickly.  It even came in where he was sitting and got his feet wet!  No lie!!!!

I was at Chad's when it started.  Later, when it all began to settle down, Clark came back and we spent the rest of the evening with Chad and Amanda.  Below, are some pictures I took on our way home.  You can see the sky still looks bad.  We also have pictures from the next day as we drove around trying to get to Chad's.  A lot of the streets were closed because they were flooded.

There is a playground out there in the water.
People were amazed by all of the flooding and were coming out to
this area to check it out, as well as other places around the city.

We were told that those trees out in the middle normally are in the middle of a
small pond.  It is that pond that grew into this lake!

 Back in town driving around.  Still so much water on the roads.

Notice how high the water sprays up as people drive through it.

Look at that swirling water.

It has been raining here so much they have broken some records.  In fact, it has rained a good portion of the month we have been here and has stormed nearly every night this week!  I sure hope this doesn't follow us to Kansas, which is our next stop.  We will be leaving here in a few days.

Washing the RV

I could not believe how dirty our home had gotten on the trip up from Mission, Texas to Lubbock.  When we finally had some time we decided to tackle the job.  It was an all day event.  Seriously!

Here are the before and after photos.

And, of course, the truck was just as bad!

And the fun begins...


Lulu looks on from a shady spot.

We finished the job on the RV and moved on to the truck. By the time we were finished, I was just too tired and wet to take any more pictures. But, here were two I had taken as Clark finished the first sections he worked on.  This was before I actually jumped in to help.




After!  You can actually see a reflection of our truck that you couldn't see before!

Glad that job is over! 

Chad's Birthday Celebration in Lubbock

We got here in time to celebrate Chad's birthday.  He, of course, wanted to open his present but we stuck with tradition and made him wait until after dinner.  We first went out to play some croquet.

Chad setting up the croquet "course" in their backyard.

Clark helping Chad set up the course.

Amanda, with spade in hand, preparing to remove a weed with stickers which  we were unable to pull by hand.

Amanda needed a little help with that because her spade wasn't quite sharp enough to cut through it, so Clark got out his tool of choice and helped.  All of that for one prickly weed.  Amanda was quite pleased!
 On to the game!

After playing croquet, everyone had worked up an appetite so we went in for dinner.  And yes, here is proof that I can, and do, cook!

After dinner, Chad blew out his candles on a version of Millionaire Pie Amanda had made for him.

Finally, Chad got to open his gift.

The cats also enjoyed Chad's birthday!

After dinner, we went back out to play with Chad's new toy.  Amanda at first seems confused by the setup, but then, the light bulb comes on!

We played guys against girls and were pretty evenly matched.  We had a great time celebrating Chad's birthday with him and were glad we left the valley early so we could be here for it!