Monday, November 17, 2014

Shopping on Saturday

We stopped at a produce stand and bought some carrots.  Five to be exact.  We didn't really even need carrots because we had just bought a 2 pound bag.  I haven't cooked yet since we have been here, but we thought we might start cooking at home once or twice a week.  Anyway, these carrots were 5 for $1.00 and I think I will only need one carrot for any recipe I would cook.

We also got one large tomato and a pineapple he peeled and cored for us,  and of course, who goes to the market and doesn't buy some Jicamas!  Not sure what those are but they talked Clark into it.  A woman in front of us bought three.  She said she cuts them and eats then raw with dip - loves them.  Hope we do too when we get around to eating at home.  Carrots, jicamas and dip.  Well there's a start!

Who really needs 5 carrots this size besides Bugs Bunny?

The carrot in the middle and the right were in a bag of carrots we just bought.  

We went to the mall for the first time.  It was so crowded we could not find a parking space.  Seriously, we parked at a store on the perimeter and walked to the mall.  It felt like Black Friday.  I cannot even imagine it can be much worse on that day but I don't think we plan to find out!  Stores were crazy busy.  We went to Bath and Body to make a purchase and when we realized the line was halfway out of the store we turned around and left.  We did find one store that I fell in love with!  Happy shopping!