Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Park so Far…

I realized I never said the name of our park.  It is Bentsen Grove Resort in Mission, Texas but it is really more in Palmview.  Pretty much runs together.  Monday, we wandered around the park, got our mailbox, gate pass, and list of activities.  We then went out for dinner but couldn’t agree on anything so it turned out to be a very long drive.  We almost made it to the Gulf before we turned around and headed back home.  We saw a Furr’s sign and agreed on that.  It was actually the nicest one I have ever been in.  It had all of the same foods it has always offered AND had it set up buffet style which tripped Clark’s trigger.

Tuesday was a much more entertaining day.  We started with 4 loads of laundry.  It only costs $1.25 for a wash and 50 cents for 15 minutes for the dryer, so about $2.00 for me to dry a load.  I even used the ironing board they provide.  It was in front of a window with a great breeze coming through.  The only thing that could have made this whole thing better would have been if I were getting paid to do it.

When we finished the laundry we decided it was time to play so off to the pool we went.  I floated on my blow up chair for a while just totally relaxed and Clark played in the water too.  
Pretty soon it started getting crowded with one woman after another so I got out of my chair and into the water like everyone else and had a good chat.  We got to know quite a few of them.  One, in particular was a real hoot.  We found out they do water exercise there in the mornings at 10:00.  Well, being a night owl, getting there  awake and on time will be an effort.  I hope I don’t drown myself, that would be embarrassing.  I told Clark he had to come along.  He said no, he thought he would wait to see if I survived first.  We’ll see who wins this one, I’ll let you know tomorrow.  Before we left, we got invited to play cards later that evening.  Of course, people here will learn, Clark does not play cards – period. 

I showed up for cards on time, Pepsi in hand.  The game was Dirty Sevens, which I had never before heard of nor played (obviously, if I had never heard of it).  They said it was like Hand and Foot.  Well, I had heard of that but had never played.  Canasta?  Now that I had played, years ago, so I thought I could figure it out as we went along.  We played 4 hands and my partner, Lola, and I won.  It was lots of fun.  I laughed so much my stomach hurt.  It was a fun group of people.  I then got invited to play Pokeno tomorrow night.  I said sure, never played that before.  Lola told me I had to bring 500 pennies but she had plenty so she’d bring them for me.  I told Clark that sounded alright, entertainment for 50 cents…he said how about 5 bucks!  Oops – always sucked at math J  

Clark went for a bike ride around the park while I was playing cards and then he met me and we came back home, put away his bike and went for a walk.  It is now 10:30 and the temperature is 74 degrees.  

Life is good in TEXAS!