Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to move a park model - or not!

This is a sight I never thought I would see!  An SUV pulling a park model!  This is not a regular camper it is a park model which weighs way more. We usually see them moved by heavy duty trucks.  Upon closer inspection, those of us in the crowd watching (I am not the only nosy person) discovered that they had put cinder blocks INSIDE the park model adding additional weight.  The rear of the SUV was so low it was incredible.  They were stopped to air up the tires in the park model.  We were all waiting to hear an explosion when the tires all blew, but that did not happen, at least not while they were still in the park.  Who knows what happened when they got it out on the road!  You never know what your gonna see.

This is an older park model that was sold and being moved out of the park.

Look how small those tires are on the park model!

Someone wanted to get a good look and drove their golf cart right up to it!

This was at the end of the season when most everyone had gone home already.  So, this was the highlight of our day!