Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Los Ebanos - The Only Hand Pulled Ferry in the U.S.

On our way to see the hand pulled ferry, we drove through the little town of Los Ebanos.  There isn't much in the town anymore other than homes but they did have this beautiful church there. I couldn't find any information on it, not even online.  Across the street from it is an old ball field which had goats wandering around in it.  Guess they were mowing.  We didn't get any pictures of them though, sorry!

After driving the narrow winding roads of the town, we headed down to the ferry.  You can drive onto the ferry in your vehicle or just walk on to cross over.  You car even help pull if you want to but we chose to just stay on the U.S. side and watch from above.  It was pretty windy that day but the guys pulling the ferry didn't have any trouble at all getting it to and from.  I have posted quite a few pictures of this because I found it so interesting.  Hope you do too.

This star in the concrete is in front of the door of the little church most likely representing Texas - the Lone Star State (I think it is for the Dallas Cowboys myself!)

Even though we were not crossing, we still had to pay the pedestrian fee to go down to the ferry to watch.  

Walking down to the ferry.  The cones are to keep traffic divided.  Those coming from the Mexico side do have stop at Customs.  We did not take a picture of that building though..

The guy in the the red-striped shirt is getting ready to lower the metal planks for unloading.

You can see where the planks land in the soil each time.

The unloading on the U.S. side begins.

The ferry can hold three vehicles.

After the vehicles drive off,  the pedestrians unload.

Now pedestrians get on the ferry for a return trip to Mexico.

The men on the far side of the ferry are the workers.  The pedestrians sit on those chairs along the opposite side for the ride over.

Now the vehicles begin loading.

While waiting for everyone to load, one of workers is digging a new post hole.

Notice the guy digging the post hole is looking at that truck?  There was a very pretty girl driving it!  :)

Getting ready to pull up the planks and put the chain across.

Giving a shove off and away they go.

There is a small U.S. flag on top of the ferry toward the rear.

The zoom on my camera went out, so we weren't able to get a good picture of them actually pulling on the ropes.

Landing on the Mexico side now.

Ropes and metals cables are used.

This post is firmly in the ground.

This is where he was working on the new post hole.  You can see the existing post is getting loose.

If you don't want to walk down the ramp, you can go down the stairs cut out of the side of the hill.  No concrete in these steps that we could see, just sun baked soil.

At the top of the steps.

The guys in front are pulling on the ropes for a return trip to the U.S.

A close up of the unloading process.

Look at the size of this agave!  Some call it the Century Cactus so I am not exactly sure which is correct.  They may be one in the same.  I believe there are different types of agave but I am not a plant specialist so I don't really know - just sayin'.

On the U.S. side.