Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter from Mission, Texas!

Clark and I want to wish you all a Happy Easter as we celebrate the resurrection of our risen Savior. We spent it with about 100 people here in the park.  The numbers have declined drastically.  Many left last week so they could be home to celebrate Easter with family.  We had potluck for dinner and it was yummy.  In fact, one of my former friends told me not to get in the pool after lunch or all the water would come out!

Jamie and I waiting for everyone to arrive for lunch.
After dinner we came home and napped and then went back and played cards.

Now, to catch up since I have been lax in blogging.  For the longest time it wasn't because we were so busy as it was because the weather was so horrible and we weren't doing much.

In fact, we had visitors for a week and we probably had a total of 5 minutes of sun, and that was spread out over several days.  What a bummer!!!  But, we still had a good time because, after all, it was two of my
Sheryl, Sandra, Debbie
sisters and we could have laughs no matter the location.  My other siblings didn't come because they still have young kids to entertain over spring break.

While Debbie and Sheryl were here, we kept busy by starting each day with exercise.  Day one we did water aerobics.  Day two, Debbie chose the workout room over the pool because she froze to death the morning before.  I joined Sheryl in the pool each time she went, but I faked the work out.  Because no matter what you call it, it is still exercise and if you know me at all you know I am highly allergic to exercise.  I break out with shortness of breath followed by painful movements as I flail about unable to follow along.  

One day we traveled across the border to Mexico, and before leaving, Sheryl purchased a gihugeic bag of cotton candy.  For reasons too funny to mention, she did not eat it the first night.  By the next day, it had shrunk down somewhat, so it then became her science experiment.  This is what it looked like by the time they left.  Can you believe that is cotton candy?  It looks more like an enormous piece of taffy!!

We also went to the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville.  Clark and I had not been yet so it was new for all of us.  We were pleasantly surprised by it.  The animals were very active the day we were there and the zoo was laid out really well.  There are trees everywhere, so had there been any sun, we would not have been in it due to all of the shade.  I would recommend going if you haven't ever been. 

One afternoon, after lunch, we took them to Ropa.  Ask Sheryl what that is, if you know her.  If you are in the area and have never been to a Ropa, you need to stop into one.

We  played cards every evening until about 1 am each morning with many laughs as always. I taught them a game called Sevens for short.  It is a version of Canasta or Hand and Foot.  We asked Clark to sit in one game, which would be only four hands.  He did not really want to, but as usual, he was a good sport and gave it a whirl.  After the first hand, we began adding the scores and he asked if that was really necessary and if this was the part where he could politely bow out!  Of course, we let him off the hook since he was breaking out in hives since the sound of the first shuffle.

If we did much of anything else, I cannot recall.  What a great hostess - we kept them so occupied!  We really did have a good time and it was sad to see them go.  They at least had a better trip on the way home than the did coming down -  we will not speak of this!

The next week Clark and I were taking care of a cat named Princess.  We shared this responsibility with others and took turns going to her  house and making sure she was fed, played with her, etc.

 She was a sweetheart and very easily entertained by those red light pointers.  Her folks are home now so we are done with that and are free to spend our last few weeks here doing things we should have done all along but the weather was too poopy to do. 

Even though I have not blogged faithfully, thanks for reading it anyway.