Friday, May 1, 2015

Leaving our winter home - Bensten Grove Resort in Mission, Texas

Winter is over in most places so it was time to begin our journey north.  We truly enjoyed our 2014-2015 winter season Bensten Grove Park.  The best thing about this park is the people.  We met so many fun, energetic, and entertaining people here and most had a great sense of humor.  But alas, the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction, Arizona call to us, so we will go there next season for what will be our second winter in our full-timing experience.

Everyone here at Bentsen Grove Park tells us we will be back the following year.  Some told us to divide our time and spend half the winter in Arizona and the other half back here.  Some even said they hoped we didn't enjoy ourselves in Arizona at all so we would be sure to return.  It made us feel so good that people wanted us to come back.  It also makes it hard not to return because we did make some dear friends.

We left the morning of Wednesday, April 22nd.  (I know, I am behind and playing catch up!) What a trip that was!  We took highway 83 most of the way.  It drizzled the entire day and we were in oilfield country.  All of the trucks coming and going from the fields brought muddy clay onto the roads.  We were sprayed every time someone passed us. Our RV has never been so dirty.

Our rear window.  

Yep, we took 'er 4-wheelin' - at least that's what it looks like.

Boy does Clark have his work cut out for him!!

As we drove, we could see the Texas bluebonnets in bloom.  I took pictures as we were driving so they aren't real clear.

And what trip would be complete without a little road construction?  We were stopped so I took some pictures of us in the truck traveling down the road, only we weren't actually traveling...just waiting... and waiting... for them to turn the stop sign to slow, so we could continue on.

Lulu doing what she does best!  Sometimes I think about putting HER in the
front seat and I could sleep in the back!

Clark hamming it up drinking his coffee!  Yes, it is JUST coffee.  Getting goofy so probably time to find a campground for the night!!!