Saturday, February 14, 2015

Los Fresnos Rodeo

We went to a rodeo in Los Fresnos the other night.  I ate so many sunflower seeds I had sunflowers growing out of my ears the next day.  I even got a headache from my head constantly turning toward the sun!

We took the scenic route to get there. We were driving right along the fence on the border at times, so we saw a lot of border patrol.  They are on horseback as well as ATVs, trucks, and helicopters.  They have also called out the National Guard to help with the border problem.  Many of the residents feel it is the federal government's problem and that Texas should not have to being footing the bill, but at the same time, living down here they see the problems and are glad for the extra help.

Anyway, the rodeo was really fun.  I love rodeos, especially the bull riding.  I was in for a special treat though.  They also had bareback and saddle bronc riding!  I was tickled pink!  

Some of the bulls used in the bull riding competition.
His rider has already picked himself up and headed for safety.
This bronc rider is still hanging in there.
In addition to that, there were the other traditional  rodeo events.  They also had mutton bustin' which, for those of you who don't enjoy rodeos or think they are in humane, is small children trying to ride a sheep.  The announcer called it "redneck child abuse" and that the only thing that makes it legal is that it is done in front of thousands of people for entertainment. None of the kids last very long at all.  In fact, they pretty much fall off before you even see them out of the gate!  I included a picture from the rodeo's website of it for your viewing pleasure.

photo taken from their website

A new event I had not seen before was called the calf scramble.  Now that was a hoot!  The kids

(goups we saw were high school students) are in the arena and a bunch of calves are released.  They each had to catch one by themselves, put a halter on it and drag it across the finish line.  What a riot!  It took those boys forever to get 'er done.  When they were finished, the girls came out and did the same thing.  One of the girls really meant business.  She had herself a calf with the halter on it before most of the girls even touched one.  The announcer said he was certain if any of the boys were thinking of dating her they were probably rethinking it!

The 4-H kids were showing their livestock projects.  Some of the children are as small as their animals.  

They also had rides, games, and food found at most fairs, but we didn't get anything. Even though I could hear the swish of the cotton candy as the stick was whirling around the bucket making beautiful, soft, fluffy delicacies which were calling my name over and over again.  

But, I digress, we finished the night with fireworks, at the rodeo that is :)

The evening was Clark's Valentine's present to me and we really enjoyed it immensely (well, I think he just tolerated it well).

A few other photos, just cuz:

This bouquet is made using cotton, which is grown in Texas.

This cute little baby goat was in the pettting zoo. (Clark said this was his favorite part!)