Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Countdown Is On!
Today is March 1st which means we have 16 days left to finish packing, loading, tossing, hauling, and/or selling everything left in the house.  I look around and it still seems we have much to do, and yet Clark says we have plenty of time still!  I will trust his judgment on this and keep plugging along. 
It has been a very emotional time for sure.  When we first started this process, I cried frequently as the memories of 23 years in this house where we raised our boys came rushing in at every turn.  I would think about this being the last time for this or that, or I would say remember when this and such happened…lots of happy memories.  Now, as the time is getting closer and the house is in such a shambles I cannot wait to get out of here!  Of course this freezing cold, wet winter has played a huge role in this change of focus.  I have to say, though, that never have we doubted our decision to fulltime.  We truly know this is what we want to do. 
We stepped into the 5th wheel the other day and looked around and it got us so excited to get on the road.  We want to spend some time planning our route to Livingston and talk about what else we would like to do for the 6 weeks we will be gone.  We need to be back here the first of May for some appointments and graduations.

We have a list of things to do, besides getting the house emptied, that Clark is working on.  We have taken care of several already.  We got copies of our birth certificates so we can get passports in case we ever decide to go to Mexico.  We also have our mailing address set up in Livingston. 

These 16 days are going to fly by and boy am I glad since we are going to get sleet and snow tonight and tomorrow.  It is 20 degrees here right now and 76 in Livingston…March 17th cannot get here fast enough!