Sunday, January 5, 2014

We have a start date - March 17, 2014

Tomorrow’s high is 6 – can you believe that?!  What the heck are we doing still in Kansas?  The good news is we do have a buyer for our house and we are closing on March 17th and then we will be heading to Texas to establish residency.  That leaves us about two and a half months to get rid of everything that is not essential for living in our 5th wheel.  The really sweet part about it is that we know the buyer well and he understands our situation so if the weather doesn’t allow for us to actually leave on the 17th we will still close but he will let us stay until we can get out.  Hopefully there won’t be snow and we can pull out on the 17th but his generosity does take the stress out of the situation.

We are not going to rent a storage unit so what we don’t take with us we will put in a sale.  My family has been generous in offering to let us store some tubs with them.  At this time, the only items we plan to store are pictures and books.  Pictures for obvious reasons; books because Clark cannot bring himself to get rid of his prized possessions.  Clark loves books.  He loves to read so many different types of books fiction and non-fiction.  He even reads books about books.  My favorite book story to tell on Clark, though, is about the book I got him during our first year of marriage about procrastination.  He started it but never got around to finishing it, and that is a true story.  Well actually, after being teased about this for so many years, he did finally finish it, though just recently, so I really cannot say that anymore.  Anyway, he is going to save a couple of tubs of books and when we pass through Kansas he will stop and pick up a few from the tubs until he has read them all.  I know there are a few he will always want to keep though.

I sorted through all of our pictures and divided them up between our two sons.  We kept one storage container for us which we will store with one of my sisters.  Clark has been cleaning out our files.  Unbelievable what we have hung onto through the years.  We have gone through all of the boys’ toys we kept for all of these years.  At Christmas, we got our decorations out and let the boys take any items they wanted and we kept just a few things for the 5th wheel.  Everything else was boxed up and is going to the sale.  I admit I did get a little teary at Christmas when it really sunk in that this was the last Christmas for us in this home with our family.   As things are leaving the house, it doesn’t look so homey anymore, pictures are off of the walls, a lot of our furniture is gone, and boxes are sitting about.  I think this will actually make it easier to go as it is a little unsettling living like this. 

Well, back to packing…