Monday, March 31, 2014

Day trip to Galveston, Texas

Woke up mid-morning, as usual – we have not been able to make ourselves become human, we continue to stay up really late and sleep in but guess that is just how we are wired.  Anyway, we woke up mid-morning and Clark asked me if I would like to go see the Gulf today, heck yeah!  We got around pretty quickly and took off.  We headed toward Galveston on state highways and county roads.

When we got to the bridge over the intercoastal waterway, Clark got a little nervous.  He does not like bridges and he didn't like how high this one went up.  He said he was glad I was driving!  We saw barges on both sides of the bridge and then swampy areas all around it.

Bridge over Intercoastal Waterway

Barges on the Intercoastal Waterway crossing under the bridge. 

When we got to the first place we could stop as soon as we saw the Gulf, at High Island, we got out and took some pictures.  Listening to the roar of the waves was awesome!  I will say that the Gulf is definitely a lot different than the Pacific Ocean in California which has those massive rocks and waves crashing off of them, but it was still cool watching and listening to the waves and knowing we were at the Gulf.

High Island

As we drove along the strip of land following the coast on the Bolivar Peninsula, we saw all of these houses built on stilts.  It is hard to imagine that the water can get so high during the storms and I am sure they hope the waves don’t get that high but I cannot even imagine living there with the threat of hurricanes.  Not to mention the buzillion stairs to climb to get inside.  Can you imagine carrying your groceries up those stairs?  I would have to install an elevator!!!!

We got on a ferry at Port Bolivar which took us across to Galveston.  Neither of us had ever done that before so that was a neat experience.  I happened to be driving and didn't care for that much so once the ferry was going we got out and traded places so Clark could drive us off of the ferry and then through Galveston.  I was glad of that.  I don’t mind driving on the backroads and the old highways but I don’t like driving in traffic in unfamiliar places. 

Waiting to get on the ferry.
The ferry ride was so fun!  We even saw a dolphin as the ferry was first pulling away.  There were seagulls everywhere just flying right next to the truck.  Several times I thought one was going to fly in and join us.  The size of the ships we saw was just amazing – now that I did not see on the Pacific.  We even saw a pelican dive into the water and catch a fish.  A seagull was all over him trying to steal it.

From the ferry before we pulled away.  Lots of people out fishing.
Another ferry like the one we were on but going the other direction.
Evidently, the pelicans can count - 3 to a sign.

One of the big ships we saw from the ferry.

We saw some pretty amazing homes in Galveston.  Some were very large with big fences and gates around them.  We saw lots of old architecture in many styles. 

Palm trees along Galveston Bay.

We left Galveston and went across the bridge this time.  It was a pretty cool bridge, unfortunately, Clark was driving.  He did okay though.  

We went through a town called Kemah where we saw some huge boats for sale and hundreds of boats in the marina.  Some of them were pretty good-sized boats!  There was also an amusement park there.

Water tower made to look like a lighthouse.

Roller coaster behind the marina.

We stopped in Liberty and Clark got shrimp and scallops – and also got to sample his first fried oyster – the meal wasn't anything to write home about he said.  I had a baked potato and called it good. 

We are now back home and writing this blog all in about 10 hours.  A fun day and glad we went.  Clark had a great suggestion this morning.  Tomorrow will be a stay at home day.  We need to wash the RV and truck.  The bugs we hit tonight on the way home hit the windshield with such force it was almost scary.  I believe if we had been riding a motorcycle, we would have been knocked clean off the bike!  That windshield will be a joy to wash tomorrow.  Poor Clark!