Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Texas Residents!

We have accomplished the goal.  We are legal residents of Texas – yee haw, ya’ll!  We went down to the DMV yesterday to get our driver’s licenses, but only one of us came back with one.  I was so disgusted that Clark became official before I did.  Once again, we did not have all of the paperwork we needed.  Because my name on my birth certificate did not match anything else, I had to have our marriage license – ugh!  The only way around that would have been if I had my passport which I do not have yet.  As an adult, I have not left the U.S. so I have not ever needed one.  We do plan to get one soon, so we if want to go south of the border this winter we will be ready but that was not real high on our list of things to do at this point.

So, back home we came to get the marriage license but I could not find it in Clark’s file system.  Now, I am not a very patient person so I was really frustrated by the fact I would now have to wait for a copy to come from Kansas before I could proceed with getting my license.  When Clark discovered it was going to cost us $15.00 for the license and another $11.00 to order it by phone using our VISA card, he decided he would look for it.  I would say filing it between a file folder marked electric bills and another marked VISA – and not even in a file folder – is not a very organized filing system!  He says it must have fallen through, after all, we were in a hurry packing things up in those last days.  But, if you ever saw the way Clark kept his tools or any of his other personal belongings, you’d understand why I don’t believe that!  I don’t know how that man ever found anything in his mess of stuff, but I will give him credit and say that he could usually find it as long as no one else had touched it.  He doesn't believe in putting things back where they go, he just believes in remembering where you left it last which is a kind of scary way to keep things at our age!  In fact, it did make me wonder why in the world I left him in charge of it in the first place!   But, as he reminds me, he did find it.  One of these days our luck will run out when his memory finally fails him.

Well, after all of that frustration, we went back to the DMV today to get my license.  I do believe I took the worst photo of my life and there are no do-overs here.  Too bad so sad, what you see is what you get.  They took my picture so fast I didn't remember to raise my head up so only one of my chins showed!  Plus, I had my eyebrows raised so high, I look like plastic surgery gone wrong!  I’m just going to tell people I thought it would be fun to make myself look as unattractive as possible for my I.D. picture that I will be carrying around for years to come. 

From the DMV we went and got the next, and probably most important, document taken care of…our library cards!!!!!  Their library is very small but I will be able to check out e-books and since Clark has left 4 tubs of boxes stored at a very kind sister’s house, he is not allowed to check out books until he gets through those. 

Following all of that fun, we went for a drive and saw some beautiful country.  There are some wonderful motorcycle roads around here, if we still rode.  We stopped and had supper before we came home and we will call this a day!