Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Hate Spiders!

Clark was outside getting the bikes out and airing up the tires and I was inside making the bed.  I saw a cobweb around the frame of the closet.  Now, this place isn't that hard to keep clean and I couldn't believe we already had cobwebs!  I wiped it off and went back to making the bed.  Well, the closet door was not closed completely so as I was sliding it over I saw a fairly large spot on the sleeve of one of my nice blouses I wear to church.  I went to brush it off and then remembered the cobweb.  I pulled my glasses down to take a closer look first and saw a spider like I had never seen before.  It was the size of a baseball with hair all over it and it was licking its lips!  Okay, it was smaller than the tip of my pinky and bald and I couldn't see the mouth, but still it was a spider. 

Of course, I immediately went to the door and hollered for Clark but he didn't come fast enough to suit me; so I went back to see if the spider was still there because I wanted him gone but I didn't want him to just scurry off on his own and then not know where he was.  It was still on my shirt so I decided to be brave and take the whole shirt – hanger and all – out of the closet and calmly give it to Clark to take care of.  I reached up and got the hanger, holding it so I could see the spider at all times, and started for the door. 

Now, this wasn't all that easy for me to do. I was really creeped out by even carrying the shirt with a spider on it but I did what had to be done.  Seriously, what would I do if Clark weren't here?  After all, I couldn't really expect Clark to come running every time I see a bug.  Besides, that isn't a healthy thing for either of us to be doing – running, that is – nor is it a pretty sight.  Just as I reached the door, the man-eating spider started running up the sleeve toward me.  I freaked out! 

I opened the door and threw the whole thing outside on the ground with a shriek.  Unfortunately for Clark, that is when he decided to answer my call of distress so he was met with the blouse, the spider still on it, full on in his face!  As I am screeching about what happened, he is realizing that this could be a bad thing for him.  He quickly grabbed up the blouse from off of the ground to see if the spider was still there.  It was, but not for long.  My hero knocked it off and killed it ever so quickly. 

For some reason, I keep feeling things crawling on me when I go to bed at night…