Friday, May 22, 2015

Spending the night at Ballinger, TX city park

Oh my gosh, I really am behind.  But here is a draft I started and never got back to so what the hay, might as well post it.  This was on our way TO Lubbock when we left the Rio Grande Valley back in April!

We drove to Ballinger, Texas and spent the night in their city park.  The sights are parallel and in what is probably supposed to be gravel but was really just dirt.  We were  hoping it wasn't going to rain so we didn't have to worry about getting stuck.  We only paid $15.00 for the sight and we had water and 50 amp electricity so that was a good deal.  The surroundings were great.  We were parked right by a small lake.

This is the overflow from the lake down into a small river.

The overflow from the top.

The city park itself was in use by a lot of the residents.  Kids playing basketball, moms walking the perimeter pushing strollers, people walking their dogs, and even a group who appeared to be doing a fitness program.  Directly across from us was the swimming pool.  I don't know if it was open yet but it looked ready.

The red umbrella you see is in the swimming pool area.

The view from our door before we went in for the evening because of the mosquitoes.  Not sure which way that storm is headed but praying it isn't our way!

We made it through the night without rain and since we never unhooked it was a quick take off.  We just had to pull in our slides,unplug our electricity and stow the cord, and we were off.  We should be in Lubbock in just a few short hours.