Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sunshine in Mission, Texas - Finally!

I cannot believe I have not posted anything since Christmas!  My New Year's Resolution this year was to blog daily.   Oops!!!  Guess I blew that one. Oh well, what a relief!!!

The weather has been really crappy, carpy for those offended by the other word.  We haven't had sunshine in so long we truly felt like we were in hibernation.  We were lazy and slept a lot, but today the sun finally came out and we headed right down to the pool for four hours.  I personally was so thankful for the sun if for no other reason than to shut Clark up! (Clark read this and approved it to post.) I heard DAILY, and sometimes even hourly, how warm and sunny it was in Arizona.  That is where he wanted to go this year but he gave in to me and came to Texas.  Clark is usually a pretty easygoing guy.  He only gets growly when he is hungry (do NOT make him wait too long to eat!) and when he doesn't get enough sunshine!!  Guess we will be in Arizona next winter.

We did get out and take a trip with friends to Mexico.  It was Clark's first time there, so of course, we had to take the obligatory picture:

It was so cold that day.  It had been raining off and on for days.  It finally stopped so we decided to get out.

This is a sign posted on the bridge before you cross over into Mexico:

 They have a dancing dentist outside of this shop in Mexico.  He was really getting jiggy with it (just dated myself), but most people just walked on by.  I just couldn't help myself.  That music just hit me and I had to join right in.  I would have bunny hopped down the sidewalk with him but I couldn't quite keep a grip on his love handles!  We danced and he spun me around.  Then he started shakin' his bootie!  I KNOW, Sheryl, you would have just jumped right in with me and busted a move!  It was fun, but alas, we had to move on, so I said goodbye to the dancing dentist until next time.

Ok, back at the park now.  Our neighbor has a cat.  As with all animals in the park, the cat has to be on a leash.  He built this cage on wheels for his cat, Sally.  He takes her for walks daily.  Sometimes she rides inside, and sometimes she rides on top of it.  It is whatever she wants because, after all, she is a CAT.

We went to the state park down the road and Clark was practicing a selfie.

He was asking me if I had it to do over again, would I marry him again.  No, really he was asking if we could go eat a Chinese buffet for supper.  No really, he was asking...nevermind!