Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sandra announces retirement date of Oct 1, 2013

I have given my notice at work!!!  October 1st will be my last day on the job and then the fun begins.  Since the last blog we posted, we bought our new “home” – a 38’ Montana Mountaineer.  We love, love, love it! We are both excited and relieved to have finally made the purchase after years of “research” on the internet reading blogs, looking at floor plans, going to RV shows etc.  Now what?  Where to begin?

The next step is to start the process of getting rid of our “stuff.”  So, we had our boys and their wives do a walk-through of the house and they have decided on the furniture they each want.  Doug and Morgan were ready for the Hoosier in our kitchen so we went ahead and let them have it as they are setting up house since their marriage on May 31st.  But, where to put all of the stuff I had in that?  Good gravy that was hard to let go.  He’d like the desk anytime too because he will be going back to school and could use it to study.   Hummmm…where will all of the stuff in that go?  Chad was ready to take our dining room table…Hello!!!  Where does he think we will eat?  We had to say not yet to that one. 

We really haven’t had much time to get much further in this “process”.  Clark has been extremely busy keeping up with the mowing and trimming trees back that are hanging over the fields.  We have had quite a bit of rain so the grass is growing like crazy.  We have a lot of old shade which means a lot of old branches falling with every storm…some of them quite large.

Clark was visiting with a workman recently and talk of our full-timing plans came up.  He looked around and asked if we were seriously going to give this place up.  He commented on how private and serene it is here and that this is what most retirees desire to retire to not get away from.  It is a wonderful place.  We see so much wildlife, deer, turkeys, coyotes, and our favorite, a pair of Great Horned Owls.  They come out each evening, like clockwork, and have their area they hunt.  We follow their routine each evening because we know what trees they go to and the pattern of their flight.  They have gotten pretty used to us and land on the ground close to the house where we can see the yellow in their eyes.  It is so cool.  I will miss that the most, I believe.

 Yet, with this wonderful place comes a lot of work and with the age of the home, the well, the plumbing,  the electrical…there are always issues popping up and things needing to be done and THAT is what we desire to leave behind.  In addition, we really want to travel about and see small towns, state parks, zoos, libraries...these things seem to call to us to explore places we have never been before.  We know our decision is the right one but the actual business of getting there seems overwhelming but possible.