Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Off the road in a good way

We couldn't see an end to our travel plans until our first grand baby was born.  Oh, how that changes everything!  After he was born it wasn't long until we started looking for a sticks and bricks to be within a half hour's drive from him.  It didn't take long to find just the right house since our son, Chad, is a realtor.  Then we sold the rv.

So now we are located in Spring Branch, Texas and loving the winters.  We get to babysit at least three times a week so we are really getting to know the little guy.  Our grandson was born in September 2017 so we have been settled down here in Spring Branch for a little over a year and we do love this hill country. Right near New Braunsfel by the beautiful Canyon Lake.  So blue.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Canyon Lake, TX for the winter

We have arrived to our Winter site in Rio Guadalupe RV Resort right on the bank of the river.

We have a beautiful view of the nearby hills:

We have plenty of shade at our site.  Very comfortable. We have friendly neighbors.

I can carry my kayak down to the river.  We are that close.  I took a picture from the shore of the river, beautiful bluffs, and my nice green kayak.  The water is nice, clear, and almost cold coming directly from Canyon Lake just about a mile upstream, maybe two.  Lots of people in tubes on the weekends.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hico, TX City Campground August 30, 2017

We stayed at this nice and peaceful city park from August 30 until September 11th.  Lots of shade. $25/night for W/S/E and it was 30amp/50amp service.  And you also get free Wifi which worked for us.  Pretty awesome.  You pay in town at the city office.  The park is next to a walking/bicycle trail, which they are expanding right now.  Still working on the concrete portion.  There is a nice creek that runs around the park.  Clear water.  Very shallow right now but the water is moving and you can see fish in it.  I would have fished except I haven't a license.  I'll get one someday.  I did ride my bicycle all over the trails and through this little town.  Very nice small town.  Koffee Kup was a great restaurant.We ate there twice.  This park is used by the locals frequently.  They have a section of the park with a big concrete slab next to a stage where they do exercises and aerobics.  There is a playground close so the women let the kids play while the women exercise.  Some women just walk around the perimeter of the park while the kids play.  It is really nice to hear and see kids playing on slipper slides, swings, and climbing equipment.  Just like in the old days.  There is also no road noise because we are off the beaten path.  The only noise we hear are the squirrels dropping nuts/pecans on us during the day and owls at night.  We slept with our windows open almost every night.  Pretty amazing this time of the year.

Did have one mishap.  An old camping chair gave way to me laying me gently on the ground.  It was actually in 3 separate cracks until I was totally on the ground.  The worst part was trying to get up from that position!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Catching up with our winter pictures

We spent the winter in a very small rv park (20 sites) on the south side of New Braunfels, Texas.  We had a beautiful view of a pasture filled with ponds, a few trees, and a constant rotating of some cattle.  Some were dropping calves.  At times their bawling would fill the night with atmosphere.  We really enjoyed having the cattle around us.  We sure were out of the city.  Here are a few pictures, some taken from inside the rv looking out.

We were on a hilltop and the wind seemed to always be blowing, sometimes pretty dang hard!  We rocked and rolled all winter like we were going down the highway.  We got used to it.  At least we didn't have to deal with any flying insects.  I did get stung twice by scorpions though.  Man, those things hurt.

This was a selfie that we took inside our rv on Easter morning before we went to church.

Monday, June 19, 2017

OMGosh! We are still alive. Topeka, KS 6/19/2017

We are still full timing and still on the road.  We just got lazy about posting our blog and before we knew it, years have past.  Sorry!  Well, we are back in Topeka, Kansas for about another month then we will be off for Indiana.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Now we are in Apache Junction, Arizona

We have the sunshine that we were missing while we were in Texas last winter.

Our Montana 5th wheel with the Superstition Mountains in the background.  That's why we are here.

We are so close to the pool.

Sandy loves the pool and the swings.

We are so close to the pool!  That's us right there in our Montana and dually truck.

Clark hiked back into the desert for a closer look of the mountain.  I'm still close to our park.  I'm not even a mile away.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Back to Deer Creek Valley RV park Topeka, KS

We left Lubbock around 10:00 am and thought about staying overnight in Enid, OK, until we heard a weather report that they were due to get inch size hail in the next 18 minutes.  Believe me that motivated us to move right on down the road.  We kept ahead of the storm but since we were only 90 miles out of Topeka we decided just to overnight there.  We stopped in Deer Creek Valley RV park at 1:00 am.  We didn't hook up to anything.  We just got out of the truck and climbed into our bed in our 5th wheel without even pulling the slides out.  We were beat.  I took a few pictures the next day.